Emcee experience at the Virtual Graduation of MMC

I’d like to thank Maharashtra Mandal Chicago for giving me the opportunity to host the virtual 2020 graduation. As a teacher of high school students, I’ve sat through many graduations over the years. This one was the most unique. The COVID situation in 2020 has been tough for all the seniors (and others) who didn’t get the opportunity to walk across the stage in front of all their peers. The idea to create a virtual ceremony gave the students the opportunity to be recognized for hard work. 

Graduates were able to introduce themselves and talk about their accomplishments in front of their peers in comparison to just being called on stage. In addition, the students received a present from MMC as a graduation gift. 

While I knew some of the graduates personally, it was such a fun experience to get to ask them icebreaker questions. They had such creative answers to who would play them in a movie, where their favorite places were to travel, and what their superpower would be. It was an experience for me to practice my public speaking.

दिशा काळे
Naperville, IL