Executive Committee

Prasad Athanikar

Chicagoland resident for over 16 years. Volunteering for Maharashtra/Marathi Mandals in USA over the past several years while leading Sports, Picnic, Maza News, IT, Itihas Manch, Facility and Lezim teams in MMC. Also, led Overall Facility Team during MMC's Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 2019. Vice President in 2021 and 2022. Looking forward to lead the energetic 2023 team and bringing together the Marathi community on MMC platform. Play Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball and many other sports.

Ratnangi Malpekar
Vice President

I am Ratnangi Nilesh Malpekar, volunteer of MMC for last 8 years in various teams, like Decoration, Food, GJC-HR, Dhol-Tasha. I have been writing in Rachana and was Board of Director in 2020. I love working for our Maharashtrian community and our MMC.

Sameer Bongale
Vice President

I am Sameer Nivrutti Bongale, Chicagoland resident for 8+ years. Actively involved and volunteered for Maharashtra Mandal Chicago. I love music, passion for designing and to work for our community. As a Board of Director in 2022, I managed Maza news, MMC Dhol Tasha Zanj Pathak, and MMC Shala liaison. Looking forward to have a great fun filled journey with MMC 2023.

Rajesh Hatkar

Chicagoland resident for around 30 years. Has participated in various MMC programs since 1995, contributed in BMM magazine as well as recently in Rachana. Enjoys different genres of Indian music and a die-hard cricket fan. Looking forward to the fun filled 2023 with MMC team.

Sheetal Deshpande

Chicagoland resident for 9 years. Has participated  in various programs over last few years such as Y.O.U.T.H. , Stage, Dhol - Tasha. Teacher at Chicago Marathi Vidyamandir. I love art and architecture. Excited to lead Y.O.U.T.H. ream. Looking forward to work with 2023 team and a memorable year ahead.

Madhav Gogawale
Board of Director

आपणा सर्वांना गोगावले परिवाराकडून नविन वर्षाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

माधव गोगावले गेली २८ वर्षे शिकागो परिसरात रहिवासी आहेत. अमेरिकेत ते ४२ वर्षे आहेत.
महाराष्ट्र मंडळात ते १९८१ पासून सक्रिय आहेत. १९८७ पासुन चिनमया मिशन मध्ये ते सेवक, बालविहार शिक्षक व अध्ययन गटात सक्रिय आहेत.
महाराष्ट्र मंडळ शिकागो २०२३ चे ते कार्यकारिनीचे सदस्य व Board of Directors. ह्य वर्षा ते अध्यात्म पीठ, साहित्य कट्टा, जेष्ठ नागरिक सेवादल, आणी इतिहास मंच या समुहात कार्यरत राहुन आपल्या सेवेसाठी वेग-वेगळे ऊपक्रम करण्याचा त्यांचा मानस आहे

Pradnya Joglekar
Board of Director

Bolingbrook resident for 22years. Active MMC volunteer since 2010. Participated and volunteered in numerous MMC activities. MMC dhol-tasha , dance team, food, GJC registration. Looking forward to a fun-filled MMC 2023.

Nilesh Joshi
Board of Director

Naper-Aurora resident for 9+ years. Active MMC volunteer since 2015. Worked as a teacher in Chicago Marathi shala for 2 years. Participated and volunteered in numerous MMC activities. Key tasha player in MMC dhol-tasha team. Admin of MMC karaoke group. Music maniac, enjoys singing and conducting karaoke events. Looking forward to a fun-filled MMC 2023.

Manoj Joshi
Board of Director

I live in Chicago area since 2015. Active member of Maharashtra Mandal Chicago since 2016. I have been helping the stage and props team from quite some time. I have prepared props for the various MMC events. This year, I am very excited to lead the stage and props team to contribute to MMC 2023.

Vishal Navalkar
Board of Director

I have been living in Chicago since 2017. I have been associated with MMC through Marathi Shaala volunteering activities from 2017. Helped itihaas Manch and volunteered in couple of programs in 2021 and 2022.
I have been assigned to group of MMC Yoga and organization of various athletic activities and picnic. Looking forward to a fitness year of 2023!

Chetan Rege
Board of Director

Chicago resident for 16+ years. Bibliophile. Volunteered for various MMC activities - Secretary of 2022 MMC EC, Admin of Itihas Manch group since 2021; Admin of Adhyatma Peeth in 2021; Rachana Editor in 2019; Teacher at Chicago Marathi Vidyamandir. Directed, acted in and coordinated several plays, activities, and performances. Aiming to preserve our incredible Indian heritage and build a solid MMC community.

Sujit Kulkarni
Board of Director

I am living in Chicagoland from last 12 years. I am affiliated with MMC as member from last 6 plus years. I have written articles in Rachana, helped Rachana Editor for editing Rachana Articles, Involved in MMC Volunteering activities and last year worked on MMC Constitution Review Committee. Very excited to be part of this year’s Executive Committee.

Deepali Sawant
Board of Director

Resident of the Chicagoland area for 25 years. Involved in MMC dance team for 6+ years.
MMC Board of Director in 2021. In 2021 lead Parampara team and Graduation team. Re elected in 2022. In 2022 lead Parampara, Graduation, Flyer team. In 2023 leading Graduation and decoration team. Excited and looking forward to lead the Decoration team and Graduation team to bring the community together.
Looking forward to a fun filled MMC 2023.

Ketki Deshpande
Board of Director

I have been residing in the Chicago area for almost 20 years. I have participated in and have choreographed various dances for MMC events since 2015. I am a trained Indian classical dancer and have been learning/ practicing Bharatnatyam since the age of 10.
I am a Software Engineering professional and enjoy traveling. At home, I take care of four boys including our 2 year old golden lab.

Shweta Harankhedkar Shenoy
Board of Director

Chicagoland resident since 2020. Okstate alumna. My educational background is Environmental Science and Botany. I have actively volunteered for Maharashtra Mandal Chicago in Dance Team, Stage, Dhol Tasha, Bhramangatha, Parampara and various other events. I love to travel, dance and read. Together, let's make MMC scale new heights in 2023.