2024 New Member

MMC Annual membership allows you to get tickets at discounted prices in a calendar year.  MMC membership fee is a non-refundable fee. Take a moment to check out our refund policy for more details.. 

2024 MMC Base Memberships

With the Base membership, get discounted tickets for the 5 major programs, and also get access to our diverse WhatsApp interest groups. Join the conversation and connect with like-minded individuals who share same interests. Your ticket to savings and unforgettable experiences!

–        Makar Sankrant (Save Date 1/27/2024)

–        Gudi-Padwa (Save Date 5/04/2024)

–        Picnic (Save Date 7/20/2024)

–        Ganeshotsav (Save Date 9/14/2024)

–        Diwali (Save Date 11/9/2024)

Base TypesPrice
विद्यार्थी (Student)$ 10
  वैयक्तिक (Individual)$ 15
दांपत्य (Couple)$ 25
कुटुंब (Family)
(Family of 2 Adults + up to 2 Kids under 25 Years Age)
$ 30
आजीव (Life) $ 350