I am new to Chicago. How do I become a member of Maharashtra Mandal Chicago (MMC)?

Becoming MMC member is very simple. Update your details under “Membership” tab on www.mahamandalchicago.org website and, 

  • Pay your membership dues via Credit Card processing. It’s easy and safest way to pay the membership fee. Here is the link Membership 
  • You can send check to MMC-Treasurer for that particular year. Please find the address on MMC website. If you are not able to locate the address, please email to treasurer@mahamandalchicago.org

I would like to know more about MMC memberships?

MMC offers Single, Family, Life types of memberships. You can find out more about MMC memberships under the “Membership” Menu on www.mahamandalchicago.org website. All MMC memberships except Life are valid for the Calendar year (Jan – Dec).

Can I purchase Patron Membership?

Patron Membership is not offered since 2011 as per a new resolution in Annual General Body meeting.

How do I pay for the event and/or the MMC membership?

MMC accepts Credit Card and check payments.

If I am paying a check, whom should it be payable to?

All the checks must be payable to “Maharashtra Mandal Chicago” or MMC.

What is an advantage of becoming MMC member?

MMC members can enjoy the programs at the discounted rate. Members are eligible to attend Annual General body meetings, have voting rights for election etc.

Do I have to renew my MMC membership?

Yes, All MMC memberships (except Life) are subjected to renewal every year.

Can I attend MMC events even if I am not an MMC member?

Yes, you can attend all MMC events even if you are not an MMC member. Typically, Non-Member rates are higher for an event.

Where are most of the MMC events conducted?

MMC events are mostly conducted in Chicagoland. The location of the MMC program depends upon the availability of the venue.

How many programs are conducted in one calendar year for MMC?

The number of events hosted by MMC is at the discretion of MMC committee elected for that calendar year. Some of the core programs include Makar Sankranti, Gudhi-Padwa, Summer Picnic, Ganapati, and Diwali. MMC committee may also choose to host special events e.g. NatyaMahotsav, Table Tennis, Dandiya.

How do I sign up for MMC emails and communications?

You can subscribe to MMC email by filling out some basic information.

Can I volunteer for MMC events?

Absolutely!. MMC values and appreciates your help. Volunteering at MMC events has no age bar. If you would like to volunteer, please send an email to karyakarini@mahamandalchicago.org expressing your interest.

If I volunteer for MMC events, do I get any discount on MMC membership/event fees?

No discounts are offered for anyone including volunteers.

Are walk-ins allowed for MMC events?

Walk-ins are allowed for MMC event on a case by case basis. Typically, all the events have a published Walk-Ins policy that can be read on MMC website. If the RSVP is closed and you would like to attend the event please send an email to karyakarini@mahamandalchicago.org. MMC- Secretary would get back to you with appropriate answer.

What are the benefits of paid RSVP?

There are multiple benefits of RSVP if followed up with timely payments 

  1. Allows for better planning due to accurate headcount
  2. Minimizes wastage of food
  3. Minimizes monetary losses for MMC.


Why should I get involved with MMC?

MMC was founded with the intention of bringing together Marathi speaking people. We are one of the highly successful and accomplished group of Indian origin. By getting involved with MMC, you can expand the social & professional network, share your art/knowledge, and make a difference to this community. We need to make MMC community larger and stronger!

What is included in the MMC event fee?

MMC event fee covers the program charges and may also include food. There will be separate charges for Adult and Kids. The details are published ahead of time on the MMC Website. Child care may be offered for some events at an additional charge

Does MMC provide Child-care for all MMC events?

MMC will try to arrange child-care for MMC events on a case-by-case basis. You can confirm that by sending an email to karyakarini@mahamandalchicago.org.

What are the Special Programs?

Special Programs are events that are arranged outside of MMC’s core events. Some examples are Ekankika Spardha, Professional Plays from India, and Music Concerts.