Room Innovation

Quarantined for over a month, I spent most of my time in my room. After spending so much time in my room, I realized that my room was boring and decided to make a few changes. In the next three days, I would paint my room and put up some lights. After watching a few videos, I found an interesting pattern that I wanted to paint on my wall that seemed easy enough. I told my parents about my plan and they said they would help me out. Since this was going to be my first time painting, I spent some time learning how to paint and figuring out what supplies I would need. I then chose a color scheme that would fit with the rest of my room and included orange, my favorite color. I also calculated how much paint I would need to cover my wall. I also made a list of all the supplies that I would need so that I could get them the following day.

The next day, I went to Home Depot and got small amounts of the colors I wanted (orange, gray, white, and black) and some painting supplies like paint rollers and paint trays. The night before, I had already put painter’s tape on the wall to prevent paint from getting anywhere I didn’t want it to be. I also used the tape to create the pattern that I would be filling in. After deciding where each color would go with Post-it Notes, I started painting the wall, one color at a time. I also placed a tarp at the bottom of the wall to prevent paint from getting on my carpet. I used two coats of paint, waiting for about two hours for the first coat to become dry to the touch. I then applied the second coat, waited a few hours for the paint to dry, and then removed the painter’s tape.

On the third day, I went into my basement and found some rope lights that weren’t being used. After testing them out and making sure they worked with the remote, I took them to my room and started putting them up. After screwing in the wall mounts that the lights came with, I put up the lights and made sure they could reach an outlet, and I was done! It took me about 3 days to do everything, and the result was definitely worth the effort. My room looks very COOL now 😊

ईशान निकम
Aurora, IL