सुवर्णमहोत्सवी वर्ष

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This page is provided for MMC Golden Jubilee Celebration attendees as a quick reference guide for logistics arrangement to make your 3 days experience enjoyable, comfortable, safe and secure. Parents with children below 18 years should go through all details carefully. It will help you to keep your children safe, healthy and enjoying their programs while you are entertained during mainstream programs.

Detail Program Schedule will be provided separate

  1. Overall program days and time
    11th Oct 2019 – 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM
    12th Oct 2019 – 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM
    13th Oct 2019 – 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM
  2. Location
  3. Parking arrangements
    Lots of FREE parking is available around Hemmens. Maximum walking distance is 2-3 mins.
  4. Handicap Accessibility
    Hemmens facility provides handicap accessibility. It provides handicap parking, elevator and auditorium access. For more details http://www.cityofelgin.org/1698/Handicap-Accessibility
  5. Registration
    Friday, Oct 11th, 2019 – 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
    Saturday, Oct 12th, 2019 – 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM
    Location: Lobby of Hemmens
    Important –
    1. Please bring your registration details and state issued ID for 18 years and above. 
    2. Parents should be accompanied for kids below 18th years for registration.
    Attendees can register providing the name of the registrant and get the registration badges. Token will be provided (One per registrant group) to receive welcome bags. Childcare registration will be separate and not managed as part of this process.
  6. Childcare 
    Kids committee is providing excellent and safe care for your child. They are providing lots of entertaining and mind tickling programs. Your child is going to have great fun filled 2 days. Great quality food, snacks and drinks will be available for them.
    – Committee is following all childcare rules and regulation per law
    – Professional babysitters are contracted to take care of your child
    – Child will be provided with a badge as well as wristband with parent’s contact details

    To keep child safe, following precautions are required to be taken by parents with no exceptions:
    – All parents need to sign waiver forms for their children.
    – Parents are encouraged to send personal reusable water bottles and personal comforter/ blanket/sleeping bag
    – Parent will pick up child from babysitting area by parents during all meal/breakfast/tea and coffee breaks.
    – Parents should be available on phone all the time. During programs, they can keep their phone on vibration mode. They will be called only for emergencies, child’s erratic behavior, etc.
  7. Program Locations:
    –      All Programs for adults are at Hemmens auditorium
    –      On Saturday, programs for kids will be conducted at The Hemmens Center
    –      On Sunday, programs for kids will be conducted at The Center, which is located opposite The Hemmens
  8. Overall rules on ‘The Hemmens’ Premise
    – No Cameras and recording devices can be used during programs.
    – All cellular phones, beepers, digital watches and other noise making devices should be turned off or kept on vibration mode.
    – No usage of devices during program for texting, WhatsUpping or anything.
    – Absolutely no drinks and food inside Hemmens auditorium. MMC keeps right of ejecting people if found with drinks or food including open or close drink or food containers while inside of auditorium any time.
    – Smoking of any kind (including electronic devices) is strictly forbidden inside of Hemmens Culture center.
    – Guns and weapons are not permitted.
    – All guests are responsible for their belongings. MMC is not responsible for lost items.
  9. Your responsibility
    More than 100 volunteers are working very hard over last 6 months to give you unique and memorable experience.  Team is providing you entertaining and innovating programs. Delicious food is ready for you. All arrangements are made for smooth and timely functioning of events.  We expect few things from you to enhance overall experience
    – Please register on Friday, Oct 11th. 2019 as best as possible. You will able to avoid morning rush of Saturday.
    – Please arrive on time at location so you can enjoy MMC hospitality, decorations, food and programs.
    – Families who are availing Childcare should arrive little early to complete all formalities before handing over your child to Kid committee.
    – Follow the rule mentioned in ‘Overall rules’ section above.
    – Please form line every where for smooth and quick movement of people.
    – Be cognizant of surrounding and do not disturb neighborhood of Hemmens Cultural center.
    – If you see any suspicious activity, please inform any person in contact list.
  10. Travel arrangement from registered Nearby Hotels for only
    Please find the schedule for the bus shuttle. This shuttle is from Courtyard Marriott and Town Place Marriott hotels which are at same location. This shuttle is for senior citizens. Families who have cars are encouraged to use their cars as Hemmens Center has ample parking spots within walking distance.
     Date    From Courtyard
    Marriott/Towne Place
     From Hemmens
     11-Oct-19  7:00 PM  10:00PM
         11:00 PM
     12-Oct-19  8:00AM  10:00PM
       8:30AM  11:00PM
     13-Oct-19  8:00AM  N/A
       8:30AM  N/A
       9:00AM  N/A
  11. Emergency help
    -In case of health emergency please call 911
    -Doctors are available on call for any non-emergency health issues. Please contact person from ‘contact list’  
    -For any suspicious activity, please inform person in contact list or communicate to the police who will be available on campus.     
    – Elgin Police department are providing couple of cops during our celebration.
  12. Emergency evacuation
    Hemmens Cultural Center has trained staff.  In case of emergency evacuation, they will facilitate evacuation with the help of police on the campus. Please follow their instructions strictly.
  13. Lost and found
    A lost and found desk is set up in lobby area. Please deposit found items in the box. If you find valuable items, please contact person in contact list. Do not drop it in a box. Please check box in case you lose any item.  Lost found desked is not attended. All guests are responsible for their belongings. MMC is not responsible for lost items
  14. Restroom arrangements
    Original Restroom configuration of Hemmens center is changed for improved sanitation, convenience and privacy to ladies and easy access to rest rooms to our seniors. Please follow signage carefully. All men other than seniors are requested to use Portable bathrooms outside of auditorium.
  15. Key contacts
    Mrinal Joglekar – 630-532-4145
    Sameer Sawant – 630 386 5592
    Shirish Joshi – 630 853 2048     
    Jaydeep Buzruk – 708 362 0426
    Vidya Joshi – 224 321 2948