STEM Workshop – Solar Panels from Colored Fruit that Produce Electricity

Here is a surprising fact – any colored substance would absorb sunlight and produce 1.5 volts electric potential! Hard to believe?

In fact, plants use the solar energy captured by green Chlorophyll to make sugars in a process called photosynthesis – a very familiar concept for students.

It turns out, you too can create your own photosynthetic apparatus “an artificial leaf” to produce solar power. All you need is fruit color and other household materials.

Participate in a STEM workshop to build your own solar panels from different fruits and berries, and produce electricity with it under sunlight. Get your creative juices flowing as we brainstorm on science, engineering and design challenges for making this technology commercially viable.

Join for hands-on workshop on this activity during Gudi Padva festival on April 11. Details will be posted on the MMC Website soon!